Things Require For a Website

1. Domain nameDomain name is the web address to where your web site will be found. Example: “.com” is the most popular domain name. Then most common addresses after that are “.net” and “.org”.
Domains can be purchased in very reasonable price for a year.

2. Web host

A host1 is where your site files will be stored online on servers that are available 24 hours a day.
Many host are the same. But what you should pay attention too is storage space, bandwidth, and more. Also
make sure they offer a Money Back Guarantee in case you don’t like the services they provide. 

3. Website

Your web site is the most important item on the list. A web site makes yourself or business available to the world, 24 hours a day. If you don’t have a online presence, you have no idea what opportunities you could be missing out on.

Where do you start?

Option #1 There are many different routes. You can try to learn yourself, but this is no easy task. Designers spend years learning their craft. So this will not happen for you over night. You will need to get a understanding of graphic design, coding, and a understanding of good user interaction to make your site function well for your visitors.

Option #2 is buying a web site template. The advantages to this is you have options to pick out the design ahead of time before you pay. Plus, since it is a pre-made design, the cost may be cheaper. The problems with buying a template is it usually isn’t easy to modify to your companies brand. Modifying images, html, css, and other generic files that come with the design can be a pain to change. Also, most templates, look like templates, which will not give you a memorable web presence, and the flow of the site may not be unique for your content. So information may seem out of place.

Option #3 is to hire a professional. Many designers claim to be experts, but many are not. A good web site should be easy to use, fast loading, and very memorable.
Finding a good designer is no easy task, so it may take a few meetings with designer to find that right person.
Here are a few things too ask a web designer to see if he or she is qualified to create your web site.

  • Ask if they understand Search Engine Optimization? ( This will help with your site being found in search engines.)

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